How to Choose the Right Laptop Charger?

Hundreds of different brands of laptops exist on the market and each one uses its own type and model of adapter. Most manufacturers will provide original laptop adapter for their laptops on their retail websites.It’s also possible to find adapters and cables from our website. When it’s time to replace an old adapter with a new one, research is required to find the right kind of adapter. When looking for laptop adapters, owners need to check the model number and the voltage and amperage requirements of their laptop.

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What Voltage is right for your Laptop?

Voltage is what pulls electrical energy into the laptop.It’s kind of like the wheels on a paddleboat, which turn and push the paddleboat across the water. In this case, the paddleboat is actually a bunch of electrons. If the voltage of the laptop is different from that provided by the adapter, it won’t be able to create the correct charge needed to pull the electrical energy into the laptop.Therefore,Please make sure the Output Voltage and polarity are matching your original Adapter before you buy.

What Amperage is right for your Laptop?

Amperage, also known as current, is what gives the laptop enough power to run. It is the amount of electrical energy that flows into the laptop at any single moment. Laptops need the right amount of consistent energy flow to power all the circuits within the device. Usually, voltage is a measure of how much potential energy the laptop can use. The amperage on laptop power adapters needs to match or exceed the amperage required by the laptop.Therefore,Output Current is not as critical as output voltage, you could select either same or higher output current adapter.

What Connector Types is right for your Laptop?

When looking for a replacement laptop adapter, check that the connector is going to fit the laptop’s power port. All laptops use DC power connectors, but not all connectors are going to be the same.

In a word,Each one converts the electrical energy from a power source to a form that can power the laptop. These adapters need to supply the right voltage, connector type, and amperage. This is important to ensure that the laptop charges properly. There are several different types of connectors and only one type will work for any single laptop. If the laptop owner can’t find the proper style and model of adapter on our site,Please feel free to contact us.