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Acer Aspire 5251-1513 AC Adapter Charger

Power Supply Adapter/Charger for Acer Aspire 5251-1513

  • Input: AC100-240V (for worldwide use)
  • Output:DC19V 3.42A
  • Power:65W
  • Availablity: In stock now
Cost Price: US$17.50
Present Price: US$14.50

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Brand New Acer Aspire 5251-1513 AC Adapter, also referred to as a Aspire 5251-1513 power adapter, provides power from an electrical outlet to a laptop. The Aspire 5251-1513 power adapter serves two basic purposes: supplying power to the computer's internal parts and charging the Aspire 5251-1513 laptop battery.Our replacement Acer Aspire 5251-1513 Chargers are manufactured with excellent parts and therefore are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications with competitive price. saves you money and offer you the best power adapters for Aspire 5251-1513 laptop that meets safety & environmental standards!

Compatible Laptop Model:

Acer Aspire 5251-1513 adapter Specifications:

Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC19V 3.42A
Power: 65W
Connecter size: Interior diameter: 1.5 mm
External diameter: 5.5 mm
Items Included: AC Adapter and Power Cord( US Version).
warranty Full 24 months warranty!

Acer Aspire 5251-1513 AC Adapter Tips

1.Make sure the Acer Aspire 5251-1513 adapter and cables are dry before connecting to the laptop or wall outlet.

2.Plug the AC adapter into the laptop. Check to see if the charge indicator is lit. If it lights up that means the laptop can recognizes it.

3.Due to the length of their cables,Aspire 5251-1513 power adapters can easily become safety hazards. To prevent people from tripping, make sure your power adapter's cables are never off the floor.

4.Using an AC power adapter that is not compatible with your laptop can damage the battery. Using voltage that is too low can force the laptop to rely partially on the battery. Too much voltage can destroy the battery.

5.Be certain that the power adapter for Aspire 5251-1513 is properly connected to the power port, as a loose connection canprevent the laptop from recognizing the adapter.

6.The Aspire 5251-1513 AC adapter plug for a laptop has to be cleaned when the plug appears dirty or corroded, or if the battery indicator blinks on and off intermittently, indicating a bad connection between the AC plug and the laptop jack. It will also take difficult for the AC adapter to recharge the laptop battery if the connection is going bad.

7.Problems with the laptop battery can affect the performance of the power adapter. If the battery is defective, the laptop may not recognize the power Acer 5251-1513 AC adapter.

8.As with laptops, which are typically placed inside laptop bags or padded envelopes, Acer Aspire 5251-1513 Power Adapter should be stored properly when not in use. The charger must never be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as those on a car's dashboard in the middle of summer or dead of winter.

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The length of this is great, much better than the original. It allows me to sit on the couch with the laptop plugged in, which I couldn't do before without an extension cord. Works as expected!
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
Great cheap charger. Just make sure you search your laptops model number to ensure you buy the correct charger needed. Luckily, this one worked for me. I had to learn the hard way.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]
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